In every woman, there’s a Josephine.

Embrace the past.

Jo’Sephine Bohotique was founded by Johannie (Jo) Turpeau and inspired by her family, passions, and Caribbean culture- a vibrant dance of colors, patterns, and spirit born of the entwining African, Taino indigenous, and Spanish roots.

Growing up in Puerto Rico, Jo spent much time with her Abuela Josefina. Josefina was known for her classy style and especially for her passion for jewelry. Her granddaughters knew she would never leave home without her accessories, and they loved how she expressed her confidence and sass through her signature style. As a young girl, Jo loved going through the vintage dresser where the pieces were carefully organized to examine the colors and uniqueness that were as eclectic as the mix of cultures on the island. Jo’Sephine Bohotique embraces the bold colors and textures that can be seen in the flowers, tropical elements, and island architecture, paying tribute to a lively heritage.

Embolden yourself.

Each piece of jewelry and every accessory have been carefully curated by Jo to
highlight the beauty of those who wear them and connect them to their own personal expressions. Latin style captures the spirit of strong colorful women with deep stories, and each of Jo’Sephine Bohotique’s accessories is meant to set free the spirit of women who have the courage to wear the pieces her own way. Whether you want to wear a bold statement piece with your swimsuit, uniquely accessorize a dress for beach dining, or try a look that is fun and new, indulge what feels like YOU.

Enhance your experiences.

Jo’Sephine Bohotique desires to enhance your beauty, style, and personality
through memorable conversation pieces. We can add style to your current wardrobe through a personal style appointment; introduce you and your friends to a private bohotique experience in the comfort of your home; or bring a pop-up boutique to your office or community market. We not only wish to enhance your style but also your shopping experience. In the Caribbean tradition, we receive you when you visit us. Whether you meet us here online or at an in-person pop-up, it is our wish to give you a high-end, personable experience at comfortable prices.

Tocayas / Namesakes

Make a statement without saying a word.
Abuela Josefina
Abuela Josefina

Our Inspiration

Johannie (Jo) Turpeau
Johannie (Jo) Turpeau


Laid-back vibes. Turned up style.

Jo’Sephine Bohotique